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New Photo Album



Due to technical issues, it has not been possible to post photos onto the Photo Album section and despite numerous attempts to rectify the problem, the problem has not been fixed.

Therefore, the DPP NARPO website now has two Photo Albums.

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In August 1921, Supt. WG Thomas of Pembrokeshire Police arranged a charity cricket match between Pembrokeshire Police and a Captain Ferguson’s Xl.

The match was held to raise funds for Pembroke Dock Nurses Home and it is envisaged that the nurses were tending to men wounded in WWl which ended less than three years previously. A letter appealing for donations was sent to residents of Pembroke Dock which can be read by clicking on APPEAL.


The above photograph from the collection held by the late Mr. Eric Powling was taken in 1921 and features the Pembroke Division. Supt WG Thomas is sat in the middle of the front row. Supt. Thomas joined Pembrokeshire Police as PC 9 in 1894 and retired as Deputy Chief Constable on 14th April 1924.


The below photos have been posted on the Memories of Welshpool Facebook page. The three smartly turned officers are stood outside the old New Street Police Station in Welshpool town centre.

It is thought that the officer in the middle is Inspector George and from a comment posted on Facebook, he was not someone to be messed about! The names of the other two officers are not known.

Judging by the uniform tunic and cap badge, it is believed the officers were members of the Montgomeryshire Constabulary. The force amalgamated with the Radnorshire & Breconshire Constabularies in 1948 to form the Mid-Wales Constabulary. 




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